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Bryan Crump winning ERRL

ERRL Road Racing

The Eagle is a member of the Eastern Road Race League. With this membership  our riders are almost guaranteed entry to most of the regions road races.  You can race almost every week on the road.  These are races held under British Cycling rules so you will need a BC license.

Enter at least 3 weeks before the race.

Circuit Racing

There are several closed circuits in our region where you can race without the worry of traffic. Field sizes can be larger which means you will always get a ride.

You can just enter “On the Line”, although it may be cheaper to pre-enter.

Check out British Cycling’s Event Finder. The circuits are

  • Hog Hill at Redbridge
  • Velo Park on the Olympic site
  • Cyclo Park down in Kent just the other side of the QE Bridge
  • and finally North Weald airfield. Although this is a bit difernet because the races there are held under TLI rules which means you will need another racing license.
Eagles at HH
mstina racing

Vets (over 40) Road Racing

Road Racing for vets is organised under the rules of the LVRC. There is much less racing for the over 40’s than BC events within the ERRL. There tends to be about one or two a month unless you are prepared to travel the length of the country.

Most of the events are grouped within a season long series and they are very popular. They are listed on RiderHQ and you will need to enter 8 weeks prior to the event.

Vets Circuit Racing

The LVRC use the same closed circuits of  the VeloPark, CycloPark and Hog Hill as BC.  Additionally the LVRC use Dunton near Basildon as well. There is plenty of circuit racing for Vets and you can just turn up on the day and enter “On the Line”.

Eagle vets HH