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Andy Eckton on the Track #2

Julian Boulter Road and Criterium Racing

Second race last night. Nothing spectacular but definitely riding better and being part of the action. Stayed in for whole of all races. Didn’t put enough effort in on elimination race and allowed myself to get boxed in when I still had plenty left – schoolboy error. Going to switch form 50 /15 to 49/14 for sprint race next time as I need more top speed – legs feel like they’re spinning out. 6th on last lap of points race – didn’t get any sprints during the race so probably doesn’t mean much buy only one place off of getting a point. Did some assertive riding in the last scratch race but lacked top end on the last lap so …


Andy Eckton on the Track

eaglerc Road and Criterium Racing

Loved it on the track last night despite my terror for the whole of yesterday. Didn’t win any races or points but happy with what I did for my first time out. I think there were 28 riders in the C group so a big field. 20 lap scratch race with 10 neutralised for a warm up and finished about mid-field. Elimination race next. Got myself into good positions for about half the race then found myself at the back but managed to beat the last guy by a wheels width about three times to hang in. Got eliminated in top half of riders I think. Cocked up the start of the points race by being at the back at …

Eagles at Olympic Park

Olympic Park Thursdays

eaglerc Road and Criterium Racing

Three Eagles plus LV Adam turned up last night. Despite low numbers and misty rain we had a good night. Tim lead the session so a few new ideas surfaced. Hope to see more of you there next week?


Hainault 2 up

eaglerc Time Trials

Sarah in the prizes – winning the prize for fastest Ladies Team The rest of missed out but some very good efforts judging by the pained expressions walking through the clubhouse Team Time Alister and Adrian 58:28 for 7th Tim (solo) 1:01:15 Carlito and Tony 1:01:59 Howard and Graham 1:07:30 Sarah and Dawn TBC 1st Ladies

Last event at our Clubhouse

Last ever Club Event at our Clubhouse

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This Sunday is in all likelihood the last opportunity we will have to run a club event from our clubhouse.  In case you didn’t know our landlords have called time on us and asked us to leave what has been our home for as long as most of us can remember. It would please me if you could make the effort to join us this Sunday.  The event is our Autumn 25 on the Thaxted course.  You can ride the event.  We need numbers because we only have three entered so far help marshal, always appreciated or just come out, ride around and spectate. We are planning to have a ‘meeting’ afterwards so we can appraise you all of the …